silver skies photography


Cam & Emily's (e)shoot

I had a great time doing this e-shoot with Anita. White Rock beach is so beautiful and I am fortunate to live only 15 minutes away. This beautiful couple was a breeze to shoot - so easy going...and fun!


A day at the park

I had a fun day at the park with my nieces.  This time, I got way more shots of Makenna, because Mia was napping most of the time.

The big blue hat did not last long...

Big sister giving little sister a push on the swing!


Ruth & Julia

Aren't these sisters beautiful? I asked my friends, Ruth and Julia, to come out on a photo shoot with me. When I went to pick them up, I visited with their mom and dad - such a great family! Thanks Ruth and Julia for coming out with me today - love you guys!

I loved these next shots in the dandelions...


Tasha & Andy's Maternity Shoot

Today, I had the most fun with my friend, and co-worker, Tasha and her other half, Andy!  What an amazingly cute couple.  And, they are expecting their first child in about 5 weeks. They don't know wether or not it's going to be a boy or a girl yet, and I can't stand not knowing - lol. Congratulations you guys, I had so much fun with you today!  

Canada's Next Top Pregnant Model!
GQ's next cover!

The baby was in an unusual position - I can practically see baby from here!

We did a lot of shooting at this particular log...
Andy even got a few of me taking photos of Tasha!
Then he decided to go ahead and take some photos of me too...

3ML Accounting & Office Support

This year, I decided to hire an accountant. My cousin-in-law, Amber, sent me an email saying that she, and two of her friends, were starting their own business. So, now, I have my own accounting team. They are 3ML (3 Moms with Laptops) Accounting and Office Support. They did such a great job on my income taxes, and for every referral, I get a $10.00 gift card for Starbucks. I've snagged myself $80.00 worth of gift cards so far! I had the pleasure of doing their photo shoot, as they needed some new photos for their business. Thanks guys, you rock my tax world - lol!

And hey, if you need your taxes done, they'll be serving MARGARITAS on the patio while they do your taxes on Saturday, April 25th, 2009. And hey, if you choose them to do your taxes, just tell them, you were referred by Eileen :)


Ah yes, I am not the only one with the famous 'jump shot'
Wouldn't you want these sophisticated women doing YOUR taxes?!  Haha - we had a lot of fun on this shoot and I thought I would post one of them acting crazy!



I had an awesome opportunity to photograph my brother's band, ABEL.  I love it when my clients are up for anything - these guys were not afraid to walk through the mud or climb on old dirty trucks.  Thanks guys, I had so much fun with you!

The famous 'jump shot'


Photo Chicks - session 2

For our second 'Photo Chicks' session, we had several photographers and several models.  It was a cold day, but we had lots of fun nonetheless.  Here are some of my favourite shots!

My fabulous friend and musician, Melissa Albertson.  Check out her band's website: Even Keel

Ausome!  She was so cute and fun to shoot - yes, she was awesome too :)
A slightly daring stunt.  Anything for the shot...
James and his lovely girlfriend.
I had Melissa's husband help us out with this shot!  He'll appear on my blog sooner or later too.

Kevin was such a sport - he came along and helped carry all the photography gear.  I had to get some shots of him too.

She climbs trains...and trees!