silver skies photography


Dale & Melissa Albertson

An impromptu studio shoot with some of my very good friends. This amazing couple have frequented my blog as part of Even Keel, and Melissa had frequented my blog as a model.

Although far from odd, for some strange reason, 'The Odd Couple' theme song plays through my head for this next photo...


Makenna & Mia - In Studio

Finally! My nieces have always hated the studio. Although they were not incredibly co-operative, I still managed to get a few shots off...BREAKTHROUGH!

Mia & Makenna
Laughter is the best medicine


Dog Tags
Sister time
Army Boots
I'm singin' in the rain
The sun will come out, tomorrow

Sorensen Girls

Derby Reach is one of my favourite places to shoot in the fall - the Maple leave are so great - and so were these girls. They set the bar for the cuteness factor! Thanks girls for being so awesome during this shoot. I'll see you soon :)

I absolutely love this shot!

Throwing leaves...
Jump shot with sun flare!
Tackled! Sister Love!

Even Keel - Live at Go Go Beans on Hallowe'en

Even Keel played this gig on Hallowe'en. The band, their friends, and the staff at Go Go Beans, dressed up in costumes and had a superb time. The place was packed an hour before they went on - they were even out the door. EK blew the roof off GGB - great job guys!

Melissa - before the show
Candian Military: Regiment 57, Mission - Qandahar
Thanks for this shot, Krista!

A cute moment between husband and wife!
A funky touch
Even Keel: Melissa, Dale, Robin, Cole, & Brian

Tricia & Tianna

My cousin and her daughter met me at Campbell Valley park in Langley. Tianna sure had fun running about. She even had some great ideas for poses. She'd make a great little assistant! It was great to hang out today. I had a blast!

Snuggles with Mom.

Touching noses :)
She's good at the jumping shot!
Love this one!
That wheel wasn't very wide - she did a spectacular job balancing.
Tianna - one of my favourite images of the day.