silver skies photography


Boudoir - Melissa

I did this boudoir shoot with one of my best friends for her husband's birthday. It was my first boudoir shoot, and I had so much fun. Of course, we played it up, and did a lot of giggling (as we girls do). I have definitely decided to do more boudoir shoots...tasteful, of course, so call or email me if you are interested. *Due to the nature and sensitivity of this shoot, only a few sample shots have been provided.
Xena Warrior Princess

One of my absolute favourites

Model Shoot

I did a model shoot with Maria of Frozen Reflections. We had a lot of fun galavanting around Ladner and Tsawwassen. The weather has been so great and we have had such fabulous evening light, which resulted in some wicked sun flare! Thanks girls, I had a blast!

This dress is so cute!

We decided to have fun in the chicken coup - we had to chase around about 20 chickens and roosters too. The girls were going to pick them up, but the chickens were too...chicken (I know, I know, lame joke :)
Brilliant fuschia.
...and a little colour desaturation.


Maternity - McAdie Family

I did this shoot just a few days ago. Emma was so cute - she was delighted to wear my angel wings and smile for the camera. She even danced with me at an Even Keel concert we all went to a few days after this shoot.
What a little angel. She was super cute and played it up for the camera!

Family hands...

Belly kisses...
Emma wanted to wear my scarf and play with my rose prop...


60's Shoot - Elizabeth

I had such a fun shoot with Elizabeth, and the long, dry, itchy grass and the stinging nettle made it...well, interesting. On the upside, we have had such good weather, and the lighting is so sweet as the sun is setting. Elizabeth is in my brother's band, ABEL, and is my make-up artist. She will be teaching a make-up application course soon - I will post information on my blog when I get all the deets!

Since Elizabeth is a singer/songwriter, I told her to use the dandilion as a microphone and to use it without reservation. You gotta have a little crazy fun during the shoot too :)

Bohemian Shoot - Melissa

My good friend, Melissa, and I have decided to do a series of shoots. The Boho shoot was the first one on the list. It was such a great shoot, but was unfortunately a short one due to the rain. Although the shoot was cut short, the fun was not. Stay tuned for more model shoots with Melissa!!!

I know, you're thinking what I'm thinking: The Lady Of Shalott!

Even Keel - Backstage Lounge

Even Keel played during Vancouver's Annual International Jazz Festivals on Granville Island. As if Granville Island parking isn't crazy enough, it was a beautifully, sunny day, and their concert was the perfect end to that kind of day!

Melissa Albertson
Dale Albertson
Robin Ellis
Cole Ellis
Brian Kinniston

I loved the sun flare I got in this shot!

ABEL @ Trinity

My brother's band, ABEL, played at TWU (Trinity Western University) for a christian youth conference who had all traveled from Washington, Oregon, and California. Elizabeth, one of the band members, was away that weekend, but she will appear again on my blog in a model shoot.