silver skies photography


The Palivos Family

Alexandra was only 13 months when I did her last shoot. She is really growing up and looks adorable.

And, there's the tongue...

Here is her baby sister, Anastasia

She did not last too long with 'tummy time', but how cute is she?!

A couple family shots. Can't wait to do their photos again when Anastasia is walking!

The Ross Family

I did this family shoot with Anita last Sunday. We had so much fun as the two of us and third photographer, Natalie, ran around like the paparazzi, only a lot nicer. We had fun jumping and posing with off camera flashes, and playing with the cutest little button.

I think I'll try this and give my sister a piggy back - oh wait, I want the ride...

I love 'sisters' photos.

Tom & Danielle

This was an amazing fall wedding. I love fall. If for nothing else, all the different colours of the changing leaves. I did this wedding with Anita, and we had so much fun together. The wedding party was a blast to hang out with.

These bouquets were so beautiful.

This is probably one of my most favourite images of the day. Not planned, just a moment, captured in time for a lasting memory.

This little prince had the cutest little suit that was a couple sizes too big. I guess they only make them so small. Cute little William (the son of the bride and groom) was a gem.

I love fall!

The ring shot.

Tom & Danielle had their reception in an old ice cream parlor in the little town in Deer Lake Park.

I absolutely loved Danielle's wedding dress. It's nice to see something other than the traditional once in a while!


Kevin & Kendra

I shot this wedding with Christine, and had such a fabulous time. A fabulous time with a fabulous couple.

We did their formals in Fort Langley, amongst cool coloured buildings, train tracks, and the river.

I absolutely loved the umbrella shots.

This was one of my favorite poses...

It was a very windy day on the golf course.

The first dance. Aren't they radiant?

My 2008 road trip vacation

For my vacation this year, I went on a 2 week road trip to Edmonton, Salmon Arm, & Princeton.

This is me dirt biking for the 1st time.

This is a funny sign I saw, and just had to get my photo taken with it.

My friend, Lisa, and I on our hike around Copper Island on Shuswap Lake.

Jack showing off his strength - check out those pipes!

We rode on this Monster Truck at the Princeton Fall Fair. Ever seen a vehicle this large gas up at Chevron?

Kisses for mom at Bromley Rock.

My fabulous & amazing friend, Anita and her boys, Andy and Jack.

Anita sporting her new Nikon D700. Yes, we take our cameras everywhere.

Checking out a deer vertebrae we found on the banks of the Similkameen River.

Sunset on the Similkameen from our back yard.