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Courtney & Jason

This was the first wedding of the year for me! A great couple to jump back into the wedding season with. I had such a fun time shooting with Anita and I'm all psyched up to do the next one! Congratulations Courtney & Jason!


March 5th - Happy Birthday to me!

Another birthday has come and gone! I loved reading all my birthday greetings on facebook, but one greeting remains very special to me:

Happy Birthday Baby! I love you with all my heart and thank God for bringing you into my life... You have no idea how precious you are to me and you are always there when I need you. Please know that you are cherished by myself and so many others... Happy Birthday Sweetness!
Love your friend and sister in Jesus Christ,

After I planned Dale & Melissa's going away party, they hijacked their own party and told everyone it was now my birthday party. It started out with dinner at Red Robin's and yes, I stood up on the bench and danced for my dessert while the staff sang to me! Then we went bowling and then watched a movie! It was a great night!


Abbotsford News, Surrey/Delta Leader, & Georgia Today

I was super excited to see that my photo was printed in local papers as well as international papers.

ABBOTSFORD NEWS - Click here to view the mobile edition!
SURREY/DELTA LEADER - Click here to view the mobile edition!

On the other side of the globe (in a country that borders the Black Sea) my photo was printed in the country of Georgia.
GEORGIA TODAY newspaper. Click here to view the mobile edition.



My good friend and singer-songwriter, Melissa Mulder-Albertson, is the lead singer of a band called Even Keel. If you have not already noticed, they frequent my blog - haha! Melissa was representing Team Georgia during our (Vancouver's) 2010 Olympics. Nodar Kumaritashvili tragically lost his life on a practice run just hours before the Opening Ceremonies. Nodar was supposed to carry the Georgian flag.
As placard bearer for Georgia, Melissa was extremely affected by this tragic loss and decided to dedicate one of her songs to the fallen athlete. FEARLESS HERO (written 2 years ago) was dedicated to Nodar, and played by (herself and) Even Keel during the Olympics. The concert, attended by CTV media, was played as a triute to Nodar. As a good friend of Melissa, I too, share this vision!

FEARLESS HERO is now available for download on iTunes and cdbaby. Net proceeds will be going to Nodar's family and to building a luge track in his home town!

Nodar, his family, the Georgian athletes, and the country of Georgia, will forever remain in our hearts, our thoughts, and our prayers! (Nodar Kumaritashvili - November 25, 1988 to February 12, 2010)

The Baker Family

Ah, to be sleeveless in March! We have had such fantastic weather lately that it's been around the 15 degree celcius mark - not bad for winter ;) Even I was down to bare feet and had my jeans rolled up!
A romantic beach kiss
Aaaaand, UP we go!
Smiles for mom!
New baby on the way - it's a girl!

Playing on the beach