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Alanna & Stanley - Part 1

I did this amazing wedding yesterday with Jamie Delaine. It was a brilliant day in Chilliwack, although it was extremely hot. A brilliant day and an even more brilliant wedding. Alanna and Stanley are such a wonderful couple who met 9 years ago on her first day of university (she bought his used textbook). They had water bottles with their names on it, as well as pink hand-held fans (which we ALL used). They even had flip flops for dancing! This wedding was also the same day as Jamie's 19th birthday! Happy birthday, my friend!!
Taking a break in the shade...

Ahhh, the sun flare - love it!

Alanna & Stanley - Part 2

I loved this little shack...just enough shade for the photo

Alanna had such a cute smile, and a cute laugh too...

Alanna & Stanley - Part 3

A cute moment between the bride and the flower girl.
Mmmmm - cake time
First dance
More dancing...

Even Keel - Langley Spirit Square (Douglas Park)

Even Keel performed at this benefit for a cancer survivor for ongoing rehabilitation and supportive therapy. What a wonderful day to be a part of!

Love the smile :)

Another smile!

Emma - an adorable fan. I danced with her for a couple of songs, but it was 38 degrees out. Super nice, but super hot and muggy. Emma can also be seen a little further down in my blog. She is expecting a new baby sister or brother soon.