silver skies photography



Mark and Marlene's wedding day back in March was a cold cold day. It was near freezing and it also rained during the formals. Makenna was not too thrilled with the weather and did not co-operate for Anita (the photographer). So, before she grew out of her dress, I had her out at the park today. She barely co-operated for the first few 'posed' shots, but I managed to get a few good ones. She started fussing, so we took her to the park. We found Julian and her daughter, Sefia playing. They are our neighbours and there is only a week's different in age between Makenna and Sefia. I got some photos of the two of them playing together as well!


Princeton, BC

Well, I had a week of vacation, and I went to Princeton with mom, dad, Sheila, and her two girls. I did not take as many photos as I normally do, but still, most of them were of my niece. A nice break from work and over 40 degrees in the sun! My sister and I took off to Keremeos for a morning, and met up with the rest of the fam at Bromely Rock for lunch and the afternoon! Can't wait to go back! The only down-side were the mosquito bites we ended up getting - thank God the baby didn't get bitten!

We stopped at the Hope Slide for a little break - it's a long ride for the little ones. We called it 'The Broken Mountain'!

I had something rattling around in my trunk, and since I had bikes on the back of my car, I had to crawl into the trunk from the other side. My sister took photos of me being stuck.

Makenna's first no-drip popsicle. She loved them - a family favorite!

Playing on the beach at Bromely Rock!

Cliff Jumper - had my camera on rapid-fire and got a few jumps, all the way down, including the big entry splash.

Nap time - yeah right!

Makenna with Grandpa on the Ride 'em mower. Sheila said, 'not with the blades down' - Safety First!


Michael & Michelle

I had a wonderful day working with Anita (Perfect Moments) on July 5th. The bridal party, despite the rain, was amazing and so relaxed. Queen Elizabeth Park is a beautiful place for photos. Congratulations Mike and Michelle!! (I was not sure which photo I liked best of the party favors, so I posted both.)