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Merry Christmas!!

Welcome family, friends, and blog visitors! It has been one heck of a year and I have so many people to thank for helping me get this far! My good friend, and fellow photographer, Anita, did my card last year as well as this year, and she did a fabulous job as always! Last year I was barefoot in the rain, but this year was a little too cold for bare feet. I honestly would have done it, but the -10 degrees celcius weather and bitter wind, caused my brain to forget about the bare-feet-cool-factor.

Hope you all have a blessed Christmas and a fantastic time ringing in 2010!

Love, Eileen

Sisterly Love

My friend, Krista, and her sisters came into my studio a couple of weeks ago to get some photos done as a Christmas gift to their parents. I only did a couple of sessions for Christmas because I recently had laser eye surgery and did not know how quickly my eyes would heal. Anyhow, I did end up doing a few sessions, and it all turned out fine! Krista, it was good to see you again. I love our 'once in a while' coffees we do, and I definitely had a great time meeting your sisters as well.





Sisters :)