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Reifel Bird Sanctuary

This afternoon, my sister, Mer, and I spent a few hours down at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary.  With binoculars and cameras, we scouted out just under half of the 850 acres of protected wildlife, wetlands, and marshes.  Over 280 species of birds can be found here on Westham Island (Delta, BC), from Snow Geese, to Owls, to Great Blue Herons, to Black-Capped Chickadees. I would have loved to post more photos, but I chose a few of my faves.

You can buy bags of birdseed for .50 cents.  Look at them go crazy - you would think they were starving...
Male and female Mallards - I bet they are a couple
"Go stick your head in a hole" is the equivalent to, "Go sleep on the couch!"  Hahaha
Mer fed the black-capped chickadees...
...and so did I.  Their little feet tickled as they landed.  It took me a couple attempts to get this shot as I was also behind the camera.

A cute little owl that one of the staff pointed out. Sleeping in a holly tree!

Some colourful, but poisonous mushrooms.  Don't eat them!
We were there so late, it started to get dark.
So serene.
From the look-out tower.
Trees framing the trail.
The ducks didn't pay their 'bills'
They're quacking down on seat belt laws...


Moments of Truth & Thankfulness...

Three weeks ago, I went for surgery to get my tonsils out.  Being in my mid 30's, the recovery time was almost 3 weeks.  The first week, I stayed in bed, ate nothing more than ice chips, popsicles, and jello, and watched the 1st 3 seasons of Prison Break.  I was off the morphine after 5 or 6 days because it made me quite itchy.  It also made me think I called Anita 5 or 6 times, when in fact, I only called her twice (we checked the call history on our phones).   I don't know why they would prescribe 75 pills of morphine when I barely used 1/4 of them, other than to get more money.  Rob the sick and give to the government?  Don't I pay them enough in taxes???

Week two:  While everyone was out trick-or-treating with their kids or at costume parties, I was in bed, exhausted, and still on popsicles and ice chips. Instead of parties, I had a good friend come over and watch a movie with me. She even took an interest in looking down my throat.  Most people would shy away from that, but she is in med school, hence the interest :)  
I started on soups at the beginning of that week and slowly started introducing solids.  By the end of that week, I was eating most things.  Only sad part about it, is that I was gaining the 10 pounds back that I lost - lol.

Week 3, as I mentioned farther down in my posts, I started my own 'back to work' program of assisting a couple photo shoots, being in a photo shoot, and watching Andy and Jack for a day.

I do have to mention that Andy (4 years old), and I had a little discussion about Hallowe'en as I was finishing up making dinner for them.  We talked about what costumes he and his brother wore, how the night went, etc.  Then he asked me what I was.  I told him that since I had my tonsils out, I was sick in bed, and just watched a movie.  He paused and pondered for a moment and then asked, "So you were Sleeping Beauty?"  In that very instant, any doubt of my ever being a good parent was erased.  It's not to say that I won't ever have doubts again, but moments like this, make everything worth it, and tell me I am definitely on the right track.  Andy and Jack are amazing kids, and have a never-ending supply of kisses, hugs, and snuggles for their Auntie Eileen.

Over the past 3 weeks of my recovery, I must send out a bunch of thank-you's. Thanks to my sisters, Sheila and Mer, for visiting me and helping me.  Thanks to Jacquie for great conversation and flowers.  Thanks to Ebony for keeping me company on Hallowe'en, and giving me an awesome foot massage.  Thanks to Christine who came over for a visit and brought food I could not eat (just kidding, I know you wanted more than popsicles for dinner), and did my dishes.  Thanks, Dan, for helping take me out of the house for the 1st time and for helping me with information for my website (which is under construction).  Thanks Jamie, for meeting me for coffee when I was able to drink it, and for our awesome 'photography' chats.  And last, but definitely not least, thanks to Anita, who helped me with my 'back to work' program, for my photo shoot, photoshop help, and always providing a place for me to stay, and wanting me to - even when I was living out of my car.  (Okay, the 'living out of my car' was part of a dream, but she said she would never let that happen, and would always have a place for me to stay - how sweet!)

I actually have one more thank-you.  Thanks to my niece, Makenna, who coloured me a fall picture that included my tonsils!


Peters' Kids

This cutest little guy, Jackson, is my friend's 4th child.  She and I have been friends for almost 30 years!

Meghan - Canada's next top junior model!

Benjamyn - ready to serve and protect - a future RCMP officer

William - always a bag of laughs...

My niece, Mia, came into the studio to visit.  Meeting Jackson for the 1st time, they were instant friends.  She even gave him a massage...
...and he thanked her with a kiss...


My fabulous friend, Anita

This weekend I started feeling better. And what better way to start my 'back to work' program than with a little 'gettin out of the house' and working with friends. I spent a couple of days in Abbotsford at my friend, Anita's, with her and her family. On Sunday, I assisted her with two family photo shoots. She even did my photo shoot in between them. Check out my photo shoot on her blog.

On Monday, I watched her boys as she edited a few of her many shoots and weddings she has pending. She is excellent with deadlines too, so I was happy to help out. Yes, even the daily activities of life get me a little more tired than usual, but I guess that is to be expected during recovery.

It's now nearing midnight as we sit beside each other blogging. Guess I am spending the night again (beats the hour drive home in the middle of the night). Thanks Anita for providing me with a place to stay when we have our 'late nights' editing and blogging. You are an amazing friend and am so blessed to know you. Love you babe!


A day in the rain...

Two weeks ago, I got my tonsils out. And yes, there is quite the recovery when you have surgery in your mid 30's. I have been off work for 2 weeks and have only just begun to make my way out of the house. My sister and nieces came over for a visit today and we went for a walk around the block. Sadly, I did not have enough energy to bring my camera of choice, so I grabbed my PAS (point and shoot) and took a few snaps on our walk. A few more days of recovery and I should be back into the reality of my everyday hectic, but wonderful life!

My beautiful niece, Makenna

Makenna making a big splash

Putting leaves down the drain

My adorable niece, Mia - grumpy like the weather

Ahhhh, a little sunshine to brighten my day :)