silver skies photography


The McAdie Family

It was about a year ago when the McAdie family was last in my studio - for maternity photos. The kids are growing up so fast, and it was so fun to see their smiles. Emma's quite the little poser and I have been invited over for a play date (better bring my nieces - haha).


Wedding - Jasmine & Jordan

What a fabulous wedding I shot with Anita Chapman!!! I have been blessed over and over again with great weddings. Jasmine and Jordan were absolutely fabulous and so was the weather :)

Dip & Kiss

Jump shot!
Cool guy pose with a touch of elegance in the background

Jasmine and Jordan were so brave to attempt running and spinning on this dock. I love couples that will try anything...or almost anything ;)
A litte touch of TTD perhaps???

A little sun flare...
Love the backlighting in this one!

Keely - Cirque

My friend Keely came into my studio to do some "Cirque" photos. She looked fabulous with the make-up and costumes, and we had a lot of fun.
We did a few on a white background for fun, but the black background made her a lot more punchy!

One of my favourite shots from this session!