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Bell-Murphy Family

I had a great time with Steph, John, and sweet little Julia! Steph is one of my co-workers and has been on mat leave for almost a year. The last time I saw Julia was at Steph's sister's wedding in February. It's amazing how fast babies grow and change! Thanks guys, I had a blast, and Steph, see you at work soon :)


Daddy's are great for throwing...and catching :)


2010 Olympic Rigging of Banners on the HBC building downtown Vancouver

I had an amazing opportunity to photograph the rigging of the 2010 Olympic banners on the Hudson's Bay Company, downtown Vancouver. From down on the street below, to exclusive rooftop access (which was very tricky to get to), I had a great time! These guys worked so hard, starting in the wee early hours of the morning, and working almost around the clock, to get everything ready for the Grand Opening! I am so blessed and excited to be a part of our city getting ready for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics that will be held in 4 months.

There are 4 segments of each vertical banner - each of which took about 45 minutes to lower and tie into place.

The rooftop activity.
Men at work; cutting the banner frames.
My friend, Keely on the left; the only girl rigger! Way to go Keely - you rock!
Riding the banner down; steady as she goes.

Very strategic roping; safety first!
Nathan & Keely