silver skies photography


Photo Chicks - session 1

Some photographer friends and I decided to start a photography group. A group to have fun, do on-location shoots, studio shoots, share ideas, help each other with photo editing, etc. I had my make-up and hair done, and got all dressed up funky-like and posed as the model for our first GTG (get together). Anita posed as a model near the end of our shoot to give me a bit of a break and shoot as well. Here is the photo I took of her, and here is one that someone else took of me.

Trash the Dress - Melissa & Tyrel

I did another TTD shoot with Anita, and we had Melissa and Tyrel - it was like they were just married and we were shooting their formals. They, like Kristie, got pretty cold, and although it was a few degrees warmer for them. But when you are out in the snow with bare arms, it's all the same. Love their dedication to the shoot!

I love this shot.  I had Anita do my shoot here, but it was fall.  I had photos in this exact spot, and it sure looks different.  I love how the same location can look amazing no matter the season!

Love this photo with the branch...

Going in for a snuggle to keep warm.

This is a great shot too - love her eyes...

It started snowing half way through their shoot, and made for some sweet photos!


Trash the Dress - Kristie

Today, I did a 'Trash the Dress' session with Anita, and had such a blast shooting her friend, Kristie. It was quite chilly out and Kristie was such a great sport. Am looking forward to doing more 'Trash the Dress' shoots in the future!

Looking off yonder...

How cute is she?

It was about -5 degrees celsius here.  Such bravery!

Getting playful.

Of course, she had to get a little crazy and "play" in the snow!

It was such a clear afternoon, that you could see a sliver of the moon in the sky.

Love the boots...

Cold bum?  Probably!